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What you like to do is your choice! :)

being a self-employed or taxi driver, it’s still same. The passengers hire your cab, you are hired for a reason. You are a boss for driving your car, the passenger is your client. The salary is similar to the stock investment, up and down but it’s still money.
What you like to do is your choice! ;)
I don’t care what they see my disability, I care about my deafness cos I’m raising deaf awareness to the society, I’m a strong man who loves to trek the mountains!! I want to be mountain trekker, it has to be my greatest desire of my future planning! :)

I can’t believe my feelings for her is back, the bond of our friendship is too strong, never break and can be considered as good friend. We can be selfish in our way, she rather stays, I rather proceed to next level. No matters what our status are but we are still good friends, I can keep my feelings for her till she develops hers for me. We are really selfish in our feelings, but never mind. From strangers to friends to good friends take a lot of works. What do I do?

She has rejected my response…

She had rejected my response many times, which mean I’ll go back being a “pirate” once again to search for her treasure before we get together. I know you once told me that I shouldn’t be wasting time on you but I insisted to wait… But I rather let the fate decide itself. You know we can’t be together but I love to steal your heart so that you will develop your feelings for me. I really can’t because of my past feelings for you, I have been encountering it many times no matter what I still waiting for you till death.

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